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The mission of Youth Ministry is to foster a community of faith and fellowship with the youth of Christ the King Lutheran Church.  Our youth love participating in the many activities and opportunities for ministry.  There are three components to this successful youth program: Service to others, growth in Spirituality, and a strong Social connection where everyone can feel Safe. 

We have a Middle School and Senior High Youth Group. There are activities for each age group as well as a number of joint activities (like rock-climbing) that everyone enjoys together.

photoHere at Christ the King our youth are not just the future of the church, they are the church of today. It is abundantly evident throughout our ministry. The youth are engaged in many aspects of leadership whether it is in worship, education, or planning youth activities.  The youth of our congregation are not just encouraged to share their gifts, they do and our ministry is brighter, richer, and more vibrant through their participation.


Our service events invite our youth to engage the community and the congregation through acts of service. We haven’t yet been able to accomplish all the acts of service we feel called to share but we’ve gotten started in a number of ways. These include:

* Participation in the Souper Bowl of Caring, where money is raised to benefit the Survival Center, and aid in the fight against World Hunger.
* Baking pretzels for the congregation and serving them during a coffee hour in Lent, a reminder of the prayerful aspect of the season.
* Fundraising for World Hunger through the sale of Fair trade Chocolate.
* Walking in the Crop Walk
* Hosting an ice cream social fundraiser to establish a campership fund for the congregation.
* Leading a service project for Mary Ann’s Kids, to benefit foster children in the area.

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Our Social Events are chosen each year, some are eagerly anticipated each year, and others are added or changed as new opportunities arise.  We enjoy this time of building community and being with friends together. We love when photo1friends join us! Events have included:
* Rock climbing at Stone Age Rock Gym: this is an annual tradition that includes our own team of adult and youth belayers!
* Mini Golf at Fenway Golf: It might be their ice cream, it might be all the holes in one, but this is a favorite too!
* Youth Planning and Pool Party: every group has to spend time planning to make sure our events happen. We manage to plan AND have fun!
*Sunday School Pool Party: A celebration as the summer months begin that we all enjoy.
*A day at Six Flags:  Not everyone loves (or rides) the roller coasters but we all love the trip!
*Outdoor Laser Tag: You can’t beat a day of running around in the sun and laughing together.

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Our entire program is infused with prayer, fellowship, and being grounding in Christ but we also have some very intentional times to foster our spiritual growth.

Our favorite place to go for these events is Camp Calumet. Camp Calumet is located in New Hampshire and is the outdoor ministry site for Lutherans in New England, although, they welcome people of all traditions. Friends often join us for these trips alone.  We have three retreats offered each year.


Calumet isn’t the only place we retreat or deepen our faith, during the season of Lent, we have a prayer vigil on Good Friday with vigil kept by our Confirmation and Senior High Youth.  And of course, we also have many conversations and time of prayer together through out the year.

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