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Our Sunday School has always been and continues to be a source of strength in our congregation. Our teachers care deeply about teaching our children and love to share the good news in engaging and thought provoking ways. 3

Every Sunday, Christ the King holds an education hour from 8:45am-9:45am. People from various places on their faith journey join us for this time.  Our Sunday School lessons begin at age 4 and continue through confirmation in Eighth Grade.  Beginning in ninth grade our high school students attend a class named S.H.O.E.  This class, co-led by teens and adult mentors gathers over cider and donuts for conversation about faith and scripture.  Adults of all ages gather for our adult forum.


We also host a Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday afternoons from 12:30-1:30. Here at Christ the King, there are many opportunities to grow in faith and hear God’s Word!

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Our children love Sunday Mornings. They gather before lessons for a time of song, prayers, and celebrations. Then they head off to class with teachers who are passionate about their ministry and sharing the gospel. Classes are divided by age level and grade.

Four and Five Year Olds
First and Second Graders
Third and Fourth Graders
Fifth and Sixth Graders

Lessons are based on scripture, with interactive and age appropriate lessons. There are games, songs, crafts, dramas, and conversations that help engage teachers and students alike in discovering and deepening faith.

Additionally our confirmation class of Seventh and Eight Graders discusses the basic of our faith.  They explore lessons based on the Creeds, Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, 10 Commandments, Old and New Testament, Martin Luther, and Discipleship.  Confirmation students love the relationships they build and conversations about faith and leadership. In fact, they love it so much, they go on to attend a Sunday morning education hour called: S.H.O.E (Senior High Optimistic Education.) once they enter high school.

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S.H.O.E  began with a simple question: Do we have to stop coming to confirmation class?  2Students in our Sunday School program enjoyed the relationships they had formed over the years together. They loved talking about and exploring their faith and while not yet ready to always share in faith conversations with adults, they wanted to keep learning and discovery more about what it meant to follow Jesus. So, S.H.O.E was formed. 

Today, S.H.O.E participants gather together over cider and donuts for conversations. The youth lead the conversations with the support of chosen adult mentors. Adults and the youth who participate all love the time together and look forward to each week’s hot topic of faith.

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This group of adults gathers with Pastor Nathaniel Thursdays at noon for lively, thought provoking, and diverse conversations about faith. We cover a wide range of topics related to our daily lives, faith, and God’s Word. We read scripture, share in conversation, pray, and deepen our faith as we share together.

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